The Most Popular Academic Essay Structure

essay structure

The most popular academic essay structure is the most common used. It includes 3 basic parts that help you structure your details into a well written essay: the introduction, body, and conclusion. Depending on why the essay is being written and guidelines per your school instruction, you may also need to include a reference list. There are a few things to remember for this essay structure that can make the writing process easier for you with future essays.

  1. First paragraph: introduction. Your thesis statement is found in the introduction if one is required. The paragraph has two purposes including telling the reader what the essay is about and giving useful background details on the topic.
  2. Second, third, and fourth paragraphs: body. The body paragraphs have a simple structure they each follow to help readers understand your topic in-depth. The first sentence may show a connection from the previous paragraph to help readers ease into a new paragraph. The second sentence introduces the theme or topic (topic sentence). This sometimes appears as the first sentence depending on how a student writes about their topic. The fourth sentence may offer a supporting point or explanation (evidence). The last sentence offers a summary of the main idea of the paragraph.
  3. Last paragraph: conclusion. This paragraph helps readers remind them of the main idea behind the essay, gives and answer to the question asked or solution for an argument presented, and reminds the audience how you reached your conclusion or answer.
  4. If required: reference list. This depends on guidelines and instructions given with the assignment. This may list sources used to write the essay depending on the type required to write.

Additional Details to Review

The structure of an essay may not include subheadings and they are often not required. Sometimes a title page is required which may provide the name of student, title of the essay, and course details. You should follow directions given for your essay as some structures may vary from one subject to another. You can study and compare essays to gain more insight on what to expect during the writing process. The introduction is often one paragraph but depending on word count it could be two. You may have more than three body paragraphs but this is often the common number for a one page essay.

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