How To Compose A Great Synthesis Essay On The Vietnam War

Synthesis essays are written to create insightful connections where relation between various parts is showed. The writer is expected to provide the reasons of the particular event that took place. They need to tell how various events are interlinked and what their significance is.

When you are supposed to write on Vietnam War, first and foremost thing is to carry research on the chosen topic. Form meaningful connections and write an exceptional and mesmerizing argument from your perspective. Remember you are not supposed to write the summary. You need to reveal knowledgeable content out of the existing data after referring various resources. In short you need to synthesize and make argument on the topic.

What are the steps of writing a synthesis essay on Vietnam War?

  • Narrow down your topic: Vietnam War is a vast topic. Think what part of the war you will be covering. Will you be writing a general view about the subject and you will name it as “Vietnam Syndrome” or you will be discussing each and every war that was part of Vietnam? Since there were many wars that took place in Vietnam, think if you want to write on its painful effects or want to merely describe all the stories related with it. Discussing everything in a 500 word article is very difficult so first of all narrow down your topic.
  • Prepare an outline: After topic has been finalized, prepare an outline as in what all parameters will be discussed. Write about Vietnamese communist forces, US foreign policy after World war II, cold war with Soviet Union, real reasons of Vietnam War, comparison between Johnson and Nixon Vietnam strategies, Guerilla tactics, American failure etc. Prepare the first draft to develop a rough sketch. Followed by that prepare your second draft where you will edit for the composition and grammatical errors.
  • Use your resources efficiently: Apart from referring various books on the subject, use search engines to extract the content. Check out how articles have been synthesized. Vietnam is a popular topic that has overwhelming amount of information on various places. In your synthesis essay, your chief motto is to highlight significant sections in an organized form. The information presented by you should be supported with appropriate claims.
  • Remember systematizing is important: Present your evidence one by one and link the information whenever required. Convince your reader with your writing style, but remember you have to stay crisp and clear while keeping the content interesting.

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