Organic Food

With the increase in the population there is a need for a large supply of food. Increase in market has led to many people venturing into the farming business. Most of these people are only profit oriented and do not care about the materials and chemicals that they use for food production. This led to increase in the foods with very high chemical concentrations in the markets. Foods with high chemical concentration are harmful to human health and have been associated with many body conditions. This issue has raised a lot of concern and now food that is supplied to the market need to have met certain organic standards. For any food stuff to be deemed organic, it has to be made of 95% ingredients from organically produced animals or plants. This means that 95% of the ingredients used to produce this food must be organic. The remaining 5% is allowed for ingredients that are not available organically. The EU regulations require that any organic food need to be inspected and certified. There are registered and certified bodies that inspect organic foods.

Money and Organic Foods

Many want to ask why chemicals should be used to grow foods. The simple answer to the question is satisfying the growing market for foods and the need of money. Farmers are in competition and thus need to be cheap so as to win contracts. The time taken to grow foods is relatively short when you use chemicals and thus the cost will also be low. They can then sell them at a lower price than those that did not use chemicals and took a longer time. This was on until the bodies that protect the consumer and other bodies raised a voice. Only foods with the right and permitted levels of chemicals can be supplied to the market.

Organic supermarkets

People have now been taught and sensitized on the need to buy organic foods that are safe for their bodies. It is not like in the past when there was no knowledge of chemicals in the food stuffs. People now prefer to dig dipper in their pockets to pay for food rather than consume cheap food that has very high chemical levels. This has led to growth of organic markets and supermarkets where only foods that have attained the specified organic levels can be sold in these markets. These markets have become so common and are preferred by many and they meet the demand of organic food.

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