30 Unique Environmental Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students are regularly required to write essays on a variety of topics, and in the wake of strictness regarding uniqueness of the topic, students face a grave difficulty in finding a topic that has not already been done by someone else. One of the subjects in which this difficulty is faced is ‘environment’. Following are 30 unique topics for environmental essays which may be used by students to produce original essays:

  1. 1. Adoption of sustainability policies and their impact on the environment
  2. 2. Impact of alternate fuels on environment
  3. 3. Causes of air pollution
  4. 4. Ways to reduce air pollution
  5. 5. Causes of acid rain and its effects
  6. 6. The pace of climate change in 21st century
  7. 7. Causes of climate change
  8. 8. Ways to reduce the pace of climate change
  9. 9. Environmental laws and their application
  10. 10. Impacts of deforestation on the environment
  11. 11. Corporate social responsibility and environment conservation initiatives
  12. 12. Role of Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in enforcing environment conservation
  13. 13. Landfills and their impacts
  14. 14. Causes of contamination of groundwater
  15. 15. Importance of national parks
  16. 16. Natural disasters and their causes
  17. 17. Ways to enhance effectiveness of solid waste management
  18. 18. Negative impacts of water pollution
  19. 19. Alternate energy sources
  20. 20. The trend in green cars
  21. 21. The rising use of solar power across the globe
  22. 22. The impact of petroleum industry on the environment
  23. 23. The trend in carbon emission policies
  24. 24. Laws and regulations on carbon emission policy
  25. 25. Declining resources of fossil fuels and their impact on the future of fuel consumption
  26. 26. Oil spills and the temporary and permanent damages they cause on the environment
  27. 27. Ways for enhancing awareness regarding energy consumption
  28. 28. Feasibility of investment in solar power
  29. 29. Chernobyl disaster and the extent of environmental damage caused by it
  30. 30. Importance of coral reefs for conservation of aquatic ecology

The topics specified above include multiple aspects of the subject. A student can find a wide variety of aspects to choose from. The list includes topics pertaining to water and air pollution, waste management, natural disasters, and fossil fuels. All of these topics are unique and they are designed to help the students ensure that the topics they work on are entirely unique and their own. If you want to produce an amazing essay on environment topics, any of the topics in the list can be your starting point.

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