How to write a college essay paper without any mistakes

While you are still making your first steps in writing academic papers, it seems fine to make mistakes. After all, you are still learning and nobody demands perfect papers from you now. However, making simple mistakes will still influence your grade. Some of the following common mistakes may seem too simple and obvious for you, but you shall still pay attention, you will find something for yourself to follow.

  • No thesis statement. A lot of students tend to writer long vague introductions without summarizing what the subject actually is. Make the last sentence of your introduction the most powerful in the whole paper – here is your thesis statement.
  • No conclusion. While it is, probably, the most important part of the paper, some tend to let it out because of shortage of space or some other problems. Never do that! Summarize your paper for your reader, make him remember it.
  • Lack of evidence. No matter if this is a simple essay or a dissertation, it cannot base only on your thoughts. Support your ideas with enough credible evidence, prove that you are right and you will never have any troubles or explanations to do.
  • Grammar mistakes. If you make a lot of grammar mistakes in your paper, it will create a certain image of your writing skills and proficiency. Improve your grammar and use online checking services to make sure your paper is absolutely correct.
  • Plagiarism. This mistake will most likely not be allowed even in your first years of studying. Making somebody else’s thoughts your own can jeopardize the whole paper and cause you a lot of troubles. Make sure to quote and paraphrase.
  • Spelling mistakes and typos. The same as grammar mistakes, incorrect spelling can cause you a sufficient part of your points. Type carefully, check each sentence after you type it in and check the word in the dictionary if you are not sure you spell it correctly.
  • Problems with punctuation. While punctuation marks do not mean that much to you, when you write the paper, their misuse will for sure be visible. Study the grammar books and learn where you shall put this or that mark.
  • Unclear structure. When your professor reads the paper for the first time, he will for sure pay attention to the flow of your thoughts. Make sure your paper is structured according to the requirements.

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