What Does An Exploratory Essay Mean: A Quick Tutorial

To write an exploratory essay, you need to find a topic that has a debatable side. Since you will be required to analyze a matter from different points of view, it needs a subject that contains an arguable question. Most of the students go for social problems or issues that are prevalent among students. After you chose your topic, you can focus on creating the paper itself. It might seem difficult, but it’s not much different than any other essay that you wrote before. This tutorial will explain everything in detail:

  • The question that you will present in your paper needs to be unsolved. This means that you will find a problem that does not have a solution yet, and you will be required to find different solutions, according to the type of question that you chose. Don’t go for a standard topic because it was probably already analyzed by your classmates.

  • Go for enduring issues. For sure you know a few examples of things that are constantly a priority for people. One example could be the development of a good healthcare system. It is easy to analyze these issues because you will have easy access to information, and you already know details about the subject. You can ask anyone from your friends or family to give you examples of such things.

  • Explain why this matter is so important and why we should find valid solutions for it. You can do this by presenting real cases, statistics, and charts. This will allow others to visualize the entire situation in easy way. It will also give them a background of the issue so they will understand the points that you will develop.
  • Explain different positions. If the problem that you are talking about has different solutions, you need to take each one of them and explain it in detail. Also, mention why some of them are not applicable and why others are not yet implemented.

  • State your opinion. By this time, you are supposed to have a definite idea about the topic that you chose. You need to present it, explain it and convince other people that this is a valid point. It might be necessary to bring statistics that will prove that you are correct in your statements. Who knows, maybe you will actually help your classmates change their opinions by writing this essay.

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