What Are The Essential Rules Of Descriptive Essay Writing?

Descriptive essays are the term for the thesis that literally paint a picture with words. This kind of dissertations focus on people or events or places, and the writer intends on literally “showing” the subject of the dissertation to the reader, rather than them being told of it. Thus, a lot of research and homework goes into it.

The rules for writing are:

  1. Research on a topic that you can relate to. Unless you can see the subject in your mind’s eye, you will never be able to write a good descriptive topic. If you write about an event, you should have seen it for yourself to describe it in vividly. If it is a person – you should be able to write such that the reader feels he or she has met him or her. If you are describing a dish, the reader should almost be able to know what it will taste like.
  2. A good thesis statement should be written. This statement is the central idea of the essay, and it informs the reader what the essay is about.
  3. A good way to do pre-work is to write the topic title on the top and draw five columns under it. Each column is dedicated to one of the five senses – taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing. Then you should write how each of the senses is affected by the topic or the feelings associated with the topic with regards each of the senses.
  4. Next, you should consider what the most important points are and what you should write about.
  5. The essay should be structured into an introduction, a thesis statement, three or more body paragraphs, and a concluding statement.
  6. The introductory paragraph introduces the main idea.
  7. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence which informs the user what the dissertation will be talking about.
  8. The body paragraphs should explore what the topic sentence is about, and it should always relate to it.
  9. There should be a lot of sensory details in the paragraphs.
  10. The conclusion should be a summary of what the essay is about.

After this is done, you should take a break from the homework dissertation or thesis and then read it again. This time, to check for the flow, the grammar, spellings, and other errors. Then show it to someone else for their feedback. Only then can it be termed as completed.

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