How To Create An Effective Outline For A Synthesis Essay

To write or even organize an outline for a synthesis essay the writer must know what a synthesis even is. A synthesis essay ties together multiple readings into one dissertation by a strong thesis. A person that might write a synthesis is a freelance writer for a company or a student in college for a homework assignment.

  • What needs to be done before even thinking about an outline is research. The writer of the paper needs a good two readings that complement each other and make way for a good thesis. While reviewing these passages, the reader must examine the text thoroughly and find good textual evidence for the outline.
  • Now the first step in the organization process is to find a common theme in the readings; this will be the main point in the introduction.
  • What should be done next is a break up into two body paragraphs. Both paragraphs should go deeper into the thesis of the essay and also have key examples from the two readings. The two paragraphs should have two different main ideas that connect. While doing the outline, the best way to show this is, body paragraph one main idea: blank. After saying the main idea, provide different textual evidence for both readings. But one important key to textual evidence is to pick ones that can be elaborated on and uses terms that you understand.
  • One key factor usually ignored in texts is the author's tone and point of view; which can very much help support the thesis. The tone of the author reinforces the whole point of the book; the seriousness or irony used in it is what creates the main idea.
  • Now an outline isn’t a rough draft. It's a place to put important facts needed to write in the synthesis. It’s important to keep the outline simple, short and sweet, this is the key to success. Too much on the outline leads to just copying the information and not really writing the article and makes the whole passage more choppy.
  • Now to end the outline, the conclusion needs to be planned. The way to plan this part of the paper is to restate the main idea in different terms. Also, remember in a conclusion don’t bring in any new information.

Either for a freelance job or a regular homework assignment it is important to have a clean-cut outline that is simple and gets to the point., especially in a synthesis essay. Best advice is to write about things you know and don’t go too far out there in the structure.

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