Productive hints on how to write essays quickly

If you want to be productive and write your essays quickly then you need to review the following topics and editing tips. When writing your paper take some time to consider the topics below for inspiration. Skim them and see if anything strikes you:

  • - Should people be concerned with the healthy and safety of workers who make clothes and shoes in third world countries?
  • - Is the art of listening disappearing?
  • - At what point does a child actually become an adult?
  • - Should morning after pills be given over the counter to people under 18?
  • - Should birth control pills be available without a prescription to teenagers?
  • - Does blame and shame effectively alter behavior?
  • - How should the concepts of puberty and sex be introduced to children?

After you write your first draft and proofread it you need to edit the paper so that the final draft is everything you expected and more.

Now it is time to edit your paper. You can now move safely into reviewing the smaller matters including sentence structure, punctuation, word choice, spelling, and grammar. You already have the content that you have proofread, so now you can double check reference material and word choice. Below are some tips of editing:

  • - Read each of your passages out loud and see if you have the emphasis you desire. Look for places where you can use a short sentence to draw attention to a statement, question, or key idea. If you cannot read through each sentence with proper expression then try cutting it into two sentences.
  • - Use spell check. It will catch almost all of your typos, but it is up to you to review it manually after that. Avoid letting an auto-spell check program replace things automatically, because it often leads to a few mistakes that turn out to be nonsense. If you suspect a word is incorrect, review it in a writer’s handbook or dictionary.
  • - Avoid depending on your thesaurus. Sure it was handy in elementary school, but it won’t always make sense to just replace bigger words with a similar meaning. Use clear words to get your point across.
  • - While a grammar checking device or software is reliable, you will want to do a manual check as well. Make sure you check for passive voice or an overuse of slang words. Trust your judgment.

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