Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer

Caregivers helping to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease have various challenges to oversee. In many cases, a caregiver will help their loved one complete daily activity depending on level of independence. While many caregivers do not mind helping their loved one, many find it stressful and saddening. You have be patience, skilled and be knowledgeable in understanding how to help your loved one the best way possible. Because Alzheimer’s affects a person’s ability to be on their own with some symptoms affecting a patient abruptly, a caregiver needs to have clear details on providing proper care, while adapting to the concept as part of their personal life.

Caregivers need to establish some sort of routine to help them care for their loved one. This means they will need to provide assistance to their loved one at the same time daily with the help of a schedule. Examples include taking medication, brushing teeth, personal grooming, and bathing can be done at a certain time each day. The morning may be a good time to have a bath and midday may be appropriate for napping. Just establish a routine based on the needs of the loved one. Caregivers can encourage their loved ones to be independent when possible. They need to be patient when their loved one attempts to do things on their own at a different pace.

Caregivers help their loved ones feel good when they have the ability to complete something on their own. They offer encouragement and acknowledge their loved one when they do well. Caregivers help their loved one establish a form of normalcy that includes paying attention to their diet. Some patients of the disease lack appetite or get confused when they do not have enough energy. It is up to the caregiver to make sure their loved one gets proper nutrition. They offer encouragement and learn ways to help their loved one eat when they don’t want to.

Caregivers need to pay close attention to details of their loved one while bathing. They need to check water temperature prior to a giving a shower or bath. They can help their loved one move around in the bathroom with special equipment and special rugs to prevent slipping on the floor. All of these elements offer unique care for the loved one in question. These elements are important to help the patient live comfortably

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