Malcolm X Autobiography Book

Trouble sets in even before the birth of Malcolm. The Ku Klux Klan group pays his pregnant mother a visit prompting his parents to leave town. Malcolm Little was born in Omaha, Nebraska in a period full of racial violence and discrimination. Born on 19TH May 1925, he is the seventh born of his father, Reverend Earl Little. Malcolm spent most of his early life in and about Lansing, Michigan, on the family farm The Black Legion murdered Reverend Little six years after the birth of Malcolm. His father was the sole breadwinner. His death left a devastating effect on the family. This was just the beginning of problems. In 1937, his mom later experiences a nervous breakdown prompting her to be sent to a mental hospital. Malcolm had earlier that year been sent to live with a different family due to discipline issues.

In his life, Malcolm had many attitudes toward his identity. He experiences a major change in the progression of the autobiography. From the earliest onset, Malcolm lacks a way to escape from his black identity. In his childhood years, he is referred to as ‘nigger’ so regularly that he considers it as his given name. At school, he could not interact freely with the white girls. Malcolm was elected to become the class president and consistently scored high grades. Despite this, one of the teachers told him he could not become a lawyer as he was black. He instead advised him to ply his trade with carpentry. He became dejected, and his schoolwork began dropping. He relocated to live with his half-sister in Boston.

As Malcolm grew up, racial hurdles often upset him. He got angry when people called him a “nigger” and “coon” on the basketball courtyard. He became a dishwasher, and he occasionally visited his mother at the hospital. He also visited his sisters and brothers who live in various cities. During weekends, he danced to swing music. Malcolm later dropped the name Little as he thought it was a slave name. After becoming the Nation of Islam’s member, he embraced the initial X. X represents the loss of his real African name or that his African name was unknown.

Malcolm changed his looks to fit his new urban setting. He straightened his hair with corrosive chemicals and habitually wore a zoot suit. He made his living as a pimp, hustler, and drug dealer. In early 1946, he was arrested and condemned to ten years in prison. Malcolm became a passionate reader. After he had been released from Prison, Malcolm followed his siblings to join the Nation of Islam, disciples of Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm went over the teachings of Muhammad and started a daily communication with the man.

Malcolm ascended rapidly in the hierarchy of the Black Muslims. He became the national representative of Muhammad before becoming the leader of a major Harlem mosque in 1954. There he became known as an eloquent spokesperson for the fundamental black standpoint. He later had conflict with Muhammad and left the Nation of Islam for the conventional Islam. In Mecca, Malcolm dag further into his black identity and learnt to see beyond the racial problems of America. He returned to America with a message of unbiased commitment to justice and truth and racial tolerance. He was later assassinated in 1965.

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