Original Essay Topics For Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’: An Easy Way To Write A Great Paper

Machiavelli was a man of minor nobility but well educated. He had one major gift to impart on men in power which was his ability to understand the ways that power was acquired and how it could be maintained. He distilled this advise into a fairly short book known as ‘The Prince’.

His advice is often looked on with horror for the following reasons:

  • - It is very often brutal
  • Machiavelli blithely discusses the obliteration of one’s enemies as a matter of course if it should lead to political advancement.

  • - It contains instructions on how to frame others for your actions
  • While most people lie and deceive at least some of the time, very few like to admit it and the ease with which he offers this advice is somewhat chilling.

  • - Its markers can be seen in the actions of many people of power to this day
  • As much as modern people may wish to behave as though the situations in which he operated were vastly different from our own, the marks of his advice are often visible in the actions of politicians, teachers and even ministers.

Here are a few essays you can consider based on this very important work:

  • - How is ‘The Prince’ similar to “The Art of War”?
  • - Why did Machiavelli never aspire to princedom himself?
  • - Can the lessons of “The Prince” be applied to female rulers?
  • - Was Machiavelli’s assessment of the Medici’s accurate?
  • - How can this book be applied to battles for power in fiction?
  • - In what circumstances have rulers followed the advice laid out in ‘The Prince’ and been brought down?
  • - In keeping with this books themes, can a good man also be a brutal dictator?
  • Despite what Machiavelli posits, can brutality ever be excused in a leader?
  • - Should ‘The Prince’ be revised to take into consideration the evolved laws and restrictions that make the implementation of some of its gorier instructions difficult?

With as much disapproval as the book’s policies have garnered over the years it is a wonder it has escaped being burned and lost to history. It may still have more leaders to influence.

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