How to Pick Up a Strong Persuasive Essay Topic

A Persuasive Essay, is one where the writer works to persuade the reader to their point of view. Think of a courtroom drama, where the Lawyers are giving their final arguments. Each of the two attorneys tries to persuade the Jury to believe the way they want for their clients. This is in effect, what a persuasive essay is. How to pick up a strong persuasive essay topic, will be the subject of this article.

  1. - Current Events
  2. - School Subjects
  3. - Debate with a Friend
  4. - Social/Political Event

Current Events

Current events are a great place to look. Why? The main reason is, so much of it today strikes debates with people, and this is where a persuasive essay comes from. Use that to create a topic for a Persuasive Essay, and find out just how well the student can build a strong essay.

  • - Gay Rights
  • - Ebola
  • - Sharia Law
  • - Islamic Invasion
  • - Terrorism
  • - Activist Incident
  • - Models Cause Anorexia
  • - Sexual Abuse

School Subjects

In some of the Subjects a student will study, some of the information will strike a chord with them. No student agrees with everything they learn, and sometimes they feel strongly against what they were taught. Expressing that in a Persuasive Essay, can create a strong topic. Don’t let that feeling go to waste.

  • - Ossian Fraud
  • - Were Dinosaurs Warm Blooded?
  • - Is Cold Fusion Possible?
  • - Does Man-Made Climate Change, Really Exist?
  • - Hippo Ancestry Disputed
  • - Management Theory
  • - Value of Algebra
  • - School Uniforms

Debate With a Friend

All because you and a friend had a heated debate, does not mean that cannot bring about a strong persuasive essay. Often these issues are about things that can actually make good essays. Look at them, and figure if there is a subject that a good topic could be pulled from?

  • - Healthcare Reform
  • - Legalities of Doctor Assisted Euthanasia
  • - Abortion
  • - Welfare
  • - Clothing Styles
  • - Value of a Movie
  • - Effectiveness of a Textbook
  • - Domestic Violence

Social / Political Event

Many social and political events are worthy of a good Persuasive essay. This is because they usually strike so much personal opinion, and raise awareness of what is going on. Use them, as they can make very strong emotional and powerful persuasive essay topics.

  • - Political Speech
  • - Candidate Platform
  • - A Bad Gang Incident
  • - A new Law
  • - A new social trend
  • - A new Bill being Pushed
  • - A Protest
  • - Punishment Increased for Drunk Drivers

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