Study guides and strategies-compare and contrast essay topics

Once again every student must think very carefully about the type of essay layout to write. Choosing a topic will always be of huge importance. Get a topic you like or better still love, and you are fired up with enthusiasm to do the necessary research and write the best possible essay you can. But always understand the type of essay you are writing. If it is to involve compare and contrast then be sure you know the requirements of this type of essay.

Looking for study guides and strategies to help make your compare and contrast essay topic a real winner, involves thinking about a number of points.

  • - always be able to explain why
  • - what makes the differences important?
  • - work out your structure be it alternate or tandem
  • - always choose excellent references
  • - don't forget to add your own opinion

It's not enough in planning the strategies for your compare and contrast essay writing to simply list the details. What is known as a laundry list essay is of itself insufficient. Yes, you do need to provide the basic information as to why the material compares and contrasts but you need to explain why this is so. This is the key to a successful choice of essay topic -- being able to explain why they compare and contrast.

And following on from that point is your ability to say what makes the differences between the comparisons interesting and important. It is not so much that they do compare and contrast but that these differences have value and interest.

There are basically two ways you can create your compare and contrast essay and the strategy involves either an alternative structure or a tandem structure. If your essay is long then an alternative structure is recommended. Here you spend a paragraph discussing the first person or object and follow that with the next paragraph discussing the second person or object. The tandem structure means that the alternatives are mixed up in the same paragraph.

The better your references, your cited source material, the better the quality of your compare and contrast essay topic. Read widely and read well. But do not forget to add your own opinion. Expert opinion, provided it is relevant, is always beneficial. But the reader of your compare and contrast essay wants to know what you think so don't hesitate to express a personal opinion.

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