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If you use the daily planners you can place your requirements in the respective time slots. This can include regular appointments, church, work, and other items which cannot be moved. Then you can take things which can be moved if necessary such as gym time and place them in the free space. This should leave you with free time left to studying or social engagements. If you know you have a big test coming up, you might schedule more blocks of free time for studying the week before.

Traditional planners will also include a portion for notes or additional comments in each of the weekly spaces wherein you can keep track of assignments based on how important they are. You can also cross off items once they are complete and move on to the next.

At the beginning of each semester or quarter it is imperative that you take your collective syllabi and write down ALL due dates on a single calendar. You should put in class time, lab time, times you must be online, test dates, and due dates for any assignments or essays. Teachers often list their course syllabus on a weekly schedule but you should still write out due dates or test dates for ALL courses.

Once you have done this, you are able to write in time for studying so that you can monitor regular progress in terms of reading or studying alongside with the course content. If you are not on a schedule with a course but just taking the reading material on your own and taking a test once you are done, then it is especially important that you create a personal syllabus which lists the chapters you will cover each week and the assignments and practice tests you will take after.

Once you become accustomed to your schedule, you will not have to rely on your planner as much, but it will remain an important organizational tool.

Doing this will alleviate any surprises or the need to cram before an exam. You will be able to see the due dates well in advance and be able to look at the upcoming week to see what is due. If you have some free time, you can apply it aptly to an upcoming project so that you relieve a bit of stress in the next week. Overall this will also reduce any stress associated with surprise due dates or that feeling of not having enough time.

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