Teach Me How To Buy An Essay Without Getting Scammed

Composing an essay can be really time-consuming. Often times, people who have no problems perceiving new ideas and doing practical tasks find accomplishing written assignments really arduous. There are also students who have difficulties expressing themselves, while a professional writer can help you to arrange your ideas into a readable piece of work. A lot of students nowadays are forced to seek help from research paper selling services. Before ordering an essay, consider some hidden pitfalls.

  • - Most academic institutions examine all papers with anti-plagiarism software. You are going to have problems if your essay is discerned as a copy.
  • - Professional authors may have brilliant writing techniques but are completely ignorant of your subject. Most teachers can recognize their students’ styles and vocabularies. There is a major risk of being debunked if the paper does not fit yours.

- As there are a lot of writing services on the market, it can be difficult to find reliable ones. Cheaters can steal your money, pass off a piece of substandard work, and even rob your bank account! There are some aspects that should alarm you.

  1. 1. The website conceals information about authors.
  2. 2. Professional writing services provide data on their writers and their education.
  3. 3. The essay selling company wants a full payment before sending you a paper.
  4. 4. In this case, you will not be able to reclaim your money if the work dissatisfies you. The best way out is an escrow account – it will guard your interests, as well as the company’s.
  5. 5. The website offers you a list of ready-made essays.
  6. 6. Recommended services propose that you choose an author with the suitable education, who will write a unique paper in compliance with your requests.
  7. 7. They refuse to rewrite your paper.
  8. 8. Good companies usually offer a free rewrite.
  9. 9. There is no feedback from other customers on the website.
  10. 10. Remember, dishonest websites can create phony reviews.
  11. 11. There are no samples of written papers on the site.
  12. 12. Respectable services are always eager to show specimens of their work.

The company wants your personal data:

  • - Home address and phone number
  • - Social security number
  • - Bank account number

Usually, writing services only need your payment method and contact information. If they want more, it is likely that they may use it to crack your bank account.

Still, the main reason not to buy an essay is the ethical issue – you are supposed to show your own skills and knowledge in your work. Do not forget that being caught cheating can ruin your academic career.

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