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There are a number of theories on why people believe why spelling skills have fallen away in recent decades. One is that as young children we spend too much time watching television and not reading. Another is that as teenagers we spend more time texting and using shorthand and invented spelling rather than writing by hand. But whatever the reason or reasons, there are studies which show that many people are not as good at spelling as they could or should that be.

Is this really important?

Looked at from an academic point of view, from the point of view of a student who has to write essays and reports, correct spelling is not only important, it is vitally important. If you make spelling mistakes in your finished articles, you are causing confusion and interruption to the person reading your work. It may be hard enough to get the good ideas and the clear writing into your essay, but if you do get it right and then have errors throughout, you are shooting yourself in the foot. So yes, good spelling is relevant and is important.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your spelling.

  • Be aware of software assistance.
  • Use a dictionary both hard and digital
  • Get others to proof read your work
  • Take spelling tuition classes

Many word processing software programs have an inbuilt spell check. This can be very helpful but there are two things to consider. One is that you need to have the correct version of English operating on your device. And two, the software is not infallible. It can show a mistake when the robot got it wrong!

Dictionaries are always helpful. You can use the online versions or even refer to those ancient printed versions. It may take a little time but getting the spelling and meaning of the word correct is what it’s all about.

Having others check your work can be a good way to uncover spelling mistakes. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. You are too close to your own work.

Finally there are classes you can take in spelling. You may think these are only for young students, children even who are just learning to read. Not so. There are tutorials and tests you can, take all of which are designed to help you improve your spelling. Take the time and make the effort. It’s a skill for life.

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