Tips for dummies: how to write a literary criticism essay

For many this is a frightening task. Being critical about someone’s hard work can lead to great misunderstanding and complication .but that is only when it is a personal attack. These essays are usually supported by various sources and are in-depth.

So if you plan on writing a literary criticism essay then you should better go through some writing essays that can loosen you up and get you in the required flow. Bear in mind that this task requires a great deal of evaluation of the person’s work. Examining with the most critical and strict lens you can possibly find. This helps you in establishing whether the work deserves to be appreciated or vice versa

Here are some instructions that can come in handy for you

  • - Carefully go through the material you are going to criticize at least two times. When you’re reading it for the first time then make sure to take notes of points that are quite prominent in the writer’s work. Also keep a check on the page number from where you take up the information. Then read your notes to see if there is any recurring theme present. Once you’re done with that then read the original work again and take more focused and detailed notes.

  • - Sit down to write, just a non-formal version first. Try a number of different ways how you can begin with your criticism.try imagining yourself being interviewed about what is your perspective of a person’s work. Write down all the responses that you make while you are imagining the interview. Be honest. This kind of essay requires a reflection of one’s opinion. No space for favoritism.

  • - To make your task easier, write an outline from the notes that you made previously. Once you have written the outline then simply fill it out rather than trying to structure the essay in your mind.

  • - Make your thesis statement. it is important that you do as it is the foundation of your thoughts and it will help you in understand the area which you have to cover

  • - Use active voice .begin with a topic sentence and butcher the topic sentence in the paragraph while supporting your statements with examples from the work you are writing about.

  • - Conclude your essay by summarizing your thesis statement as well as your thought or point of view of the person’s work.

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