Easy persuasive essay topics-several steps to the ideal

We have to be careful here whenever we use the word easy. It's just like other words such as free or cheap or bargain. People see these words and others like them and immediately develop a preconceived notion. Take the word easy as an example. We have to write an essay. We know this can't be done in two minutes and that it will require a lot of brain power. We will have to spend time researching the topic, planning the topic and then writing the actual essay. None of that is easy.

But it is fair to say that if you choose certain persuasive essay topics, it will be easier for you to write the actual essay. Why is that so? Well it's because some persuasive essay topics lend themselves to forming a strong opinion. They are crying out to be argued and discussed. So in looking for an easy persuasive topic, the steps you need to follow certainly involve the question of the strength of the topic.

When you choose a persuasive essay topic that has depth and is multi-layered, you give yourself an easier task to perform. You'll see what I mean when you look at some of the following topics. They are crying out for an opinion. And another step which is really worthwhile taking is that you should choose not just a stronger persuasive essay topic but one which is current.

If you are looking for an abundance of relevant resource material, choosing an essay topic which is regularly in the news will make your task easier. This is where the word easy really comes into its own. So here are some of those potentially easy persuasive essay topics.

  • - People should not have to wear seat belts in cars.
  • - All education in government owned schools should be free.
  • - All persons seeking to purchase a handgun should be tested and have their previous activities checked.
  • - Violent and aggressive video games should be banned and restricted meaning teenagers cannot see or play them.
  • - Every teenager should receive professional sex education during their time in high school.
  • - The school canteen of every school should only sell fresh and healthy food.

Just looking over these persuasive essay topics, you can see that they are strong topics, invite debate and are issues which impact people - young and old - today. With these qualities the writing task becomes easier.

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