Technical advice on how to write your college essay

Writing a college essay can be a bit intimidating at first. It is actually not a hard as it sounds. You will find in college there are several different types of essays you will have to endure. All of which fall under the system of putting them together.

Rules for writing a college essay

  • - Never wait until the last minute
  • - Be creative but be yourself
  • - Some risks are okay if they describe you as a student
  • - Do not rush, always take your time answering questions
  • - Brainstorm, millions of ideas come from brainstorming
  • - Write an outline and add to it as you think of things
  • - Write a first draft and review it
  • - Edit, edit, and re-edit to fix punctuation, grammar, and spelling
  • - Never rely on computerized spell checking systems; it can miss words like win or when. They have two different meanings but sound the same.

Where do I start?


Always be you when writing an essay. Make sure you are addressing your audience as if they are actually there listening to you. Make them listen to your story; stories are a great way to keep the audience’s attention. We all have stories; just make sure to tell them in first person. You are addressing an audience and telling them something that happened to you. First person is the way to go when writing a college essay.


Make sure you are descriptive and give details to your audience. No one likes sitting through a dry and boring lecture, an essay is the same way. The person reading your essay does not want to know you were “wearing an itchy sweater” he wants to know you were “wearing a blue itchy sweater your mother knitted last Christmas.” The details keep their attention when reading through the essay.


It is also important to avoid slang words, clichés, psychobabble, and generalities. You want to sound intelligent and proficient. All of these are considered improper word usage and should be avoided. It is also important to remember to go back over your work and make sure you do not have improper word use, grammatical errors, spelling errors, or punctuation errors. Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes reviewing your essay before turning it in can help find mistakes you may have missed. You can also take a twenty minute break from your work, come back and finish up. This usually helps you find errors you missed.

Best Tips

We pointed out the best solvers for the most common problems with essay drafting, composing and editing.

Online Help

Nowadays all you need is available on the web. But you should always check source for its credibility.

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