How to write an essay in an hour

An essay created and refined over a few days or weeks will always be better than one written in one hour. You should never rely on the following methodology to quick essay-writing regularly. That said, writing an essay in an hour need not be an impossible task.

It helps to build a mental picture of what you would like to achieve beforehand.

The preparation for the essay can be whenever you like. Knowing which research you will use to support your points and how you intend to do that will make finding your facts or examples much easier.

You will be able to search for specific supporting statements rather than read through lots of articles trying to locate the right example.

Write down your main points and supporting statements on index cards and take note of their author and location to avoid plagiarism.

Do you have everything you will require to write your essay to hand?

  • - Have you considered your introduction and thesis statement?
  • - Do you have a rough idea of the points that will form the main body of your essay?
  • - Will you be using examples to add weight to your argument?
  • - Have you done any research to find these examples?
  • - Have you thought about the chronology of these points and supporting facts?
  • - Have you considered your conclusion and how you intend to link the main part of your essay to your conclusion?

Write your essay in an hour:

  • - Write your introduction last. It makes much more sense to introduce an essay that has already been written.
  • - Type out the points on your index cards in chronological order. You will have decided in the preparation stage how these points will be ordered.
  • - Add the supporting statements to each point.
  • - Now go back and expand with a few sentences for each point and design them to lead to your statement. Link the statement with your next point.
  • - Ensure that you make your points clear and the statement to support your findings clear, with sentences that fit appropriately between, to make your argument flow.
  • - Writing your conclusion should consist of an introductory sentence, then summarize your main points. Reiterate the goal you set for the essay and state whether you met this goal and if not why not.
  • - Go back and write your introduction. Briefly state what your essay is about, summarize your main argument and what evidence you will use to support these arguments.

Now do a spelling and grammar check, and you have written your essay in an hour!

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