The Secret Life Of Walter Mittey

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," was first published in 1939, and is one of James Thurber's most well-known and beloved stories. James Grover Thurber was an American author, celebrated wit and a cartoonist.. Thurber was best known for his cartoons and short story

Walter Mitty as a character is a Husband, a very tough man in trial, a captain of a navy ship, a hero to all man kind and a husband. Mitty is a dreamer who is dreaming of being a hero not in bed but while driving, while shopping and while talking to his wife but takes no action about this.. He "sees" himself as a hero to everyone, he is seen as an incapacitated man but to him everything is okay.

Is Walter wasting his life? Are he and his wife happy? That’s a question many people would ask. the story is too short to really know. Yes, she seems like a bit of happy s he feel like he's stuck in a boring or dead-end life? Even if he had a different life, would he still daydream? Is that just part of who he is? the story is amusing but leaves questions like, Does Walter really want to be a doctor or a spy

Walter Mitty’s daydream life has landed him trouble; he is constantly raided by police and even undertreated by wife. In his walks, Mitty motors on a wintry day with his wife into Waterbury for the regular weekly trip to shop and for Mrs. Mitty’s visit to a salon. After dropping Mrs Mitty off at the salon, Mitty drives around aimlessly for a brief time, then parks the car in a parking lot, purchases some overshoes at a shoe store, with some difficulty remembers to buy puppy biscuit, and goes to the hotel lobby where he always meets his wife. After a short time Mrs. Mitty appears, complaining over the time she had taken searching for Mitty, she leaves for the nearby drugstore to accomplish something she forgot.

The story ends with Mitty being a man who fails even as a dreamer. In both of his military dreams he is an officer who can lead his men through tough times In reality, he is in short a man who really tries to deal with his fears.

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