5 Amazing Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

High school English class is a great place for students to develop writing skills and argumentative abilities, and this is most often done through an argumentative or persuasive essay. Really, any topic is fine for you to write about, but sometimes picking a good one with debatable points around is non-obvious. For those of you that need a good paper topic, here are some jumping off ideas?

Look around your high school; what would you change about it? High scholars, after all, are the people most able to notice their high school around them and suggest a change, with either your high school or something in general. A good question a student could come up with is the benefits and drawbacks of uniforms, a longer or shorter school day, or some other academic policy.

Global warming is a great essay topic because there is so much controversy to talk about and so much information for all the competing sides-, some of them even suggesting that global warming does not have bad effects writing for a specific policy change are not that difficult, which makes global warming a great topic.

Many great artists have done art their entire lives- but serious art classes are not offered until high school in many states. Should there be a higher value placed on art and artistic achievement at an earlier age? Could this result in more and better novels, paintings, and movies? What are the merits of such a thing?

Celebrities have been photographed by paparazzi for a long time, but are this just? Certainly, it is silly to suggest that someone cannot just take a picture, but how would you feel if people followed you all the time, scrutinizing your every move? This certainly is not fair to famous people either, even though some say that it rather comes with the business. So what measures, if any, can and should be implemented in this situation? Are such measures practical?

Another issue that is important it today's society is the minimum wage and rising cost of college tuition. Colleges in the United States of America get more and more expensive each year, and there does not seem to be anything to bring the costs down. Students go into debt, sometimes as much as six figures, and still are unable to find jobs. What kind of things can be done by the government or society to alleviate this situation?

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