In every sporting event there is always a person who is considered a legend or the best in that very specific field of action. Mohamed Ali is viewed as one of the greatest boxers who ever lived to stood in the boxing arena. Ali was born on 17th January 1942, in Louisville Kentucky to Odessa Clay .His birth name was Cassius Marcellus Clay.

His first fight as a boxer was on 29th October 1960 which he won after six rounds against Tunney Hunsaker. He then went ahead to have a winning record of 19-0 with 15 of these being knockouts .Mohamed Ali was known to be a very vocal fighter as he often spoke his mind regardless of what people thought of him .By 1963 he had his eyes set out for the heavyweight championship which he went ahead to win from the then reigning champion Sonny Liston at the age of twenty two hence becoming the youngest boxer to ever win the heavyweight from the reigning champion this was accompanied by his famous quote  "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee". 

Controversy was part of clays life .After winning the heavyweight championship in a fight which was characterized with a lot of pre match controversy caused by Ali’s words. He then made a decision to change his name to Mohamed Ali and subsequently converted to Islam .He refused to enlist into the army for the Vietnam war and this put a dent into his fighting career for seven years but was later cleared by the court in 1970 .Ali’s fighting career went ahead to have many great moments his achievements.

His marriage and family life like his career was filled with controversy having been married four times. He had seven daughters and two sons .He met his first wife Sonji Roi and married her on august 14th 1964 and later divorced on 10th January 1966 he then married Khalilah Belinda Ali on 17th august 1967 and divorced on 29th December 1976 and they had four children .He then married veronica Porche Ali on 19th June 1977 then had two children with her and later divorced her in 1986 and finally married Yolanda Williams in 1986 and is still his wife presently.

In 1980 Ali was diagnosed with the Parkinson’s syndrome, even though the cause of the disease was not clear in the 1980, it was evident later that it may have been caused by his boxing career. When asked if he had any regrets of being a boxer Ali denied stating that he was satisfied with his career.

He has achieved numerous recognitions and awards for his role as a humanitarian and his duties as a professional boxer in his career for example, his BBC Sports Personality of the century Award and later the

Kentucky athletic hall of fame named him the Kentucky Athlete of the Century and many more awards. 

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