Top Argumentative Essay Topics: Writing On Religion

Writing about religion can be pretty tricky stuff. Most of the time, the person reading your essay will have a strong opinion on religion so it will be difficult to satisfy them. This becomes even harder when you have to write an argumentative essay on religion and convince someone that you're opinion is right and if they don't agree with you they're wrong. So, in order to help you do it right, here are the top five topics when writing an argumentative essay about religion.

  1. 1. Christianity does not follow the teachings of Jesus -
    • This is a strong choice if you want to go for a controversial essay. This point has been argued many times by those who have become disillusioned with Christianity.
    • This will allow you to include the hot topics of the modern world such as war and gay marriage.
  2. 2. Islam is not evil -
    • This is certainly a relevant topic and will allow you to educate your readers about Islam and destroy the misconceptions about Muslims.
    • Islam may not be evil, but there certainly have been some evil people who identified themselves as Muslims. Make sure you don't defend them in your essay.
  3. 3. Christianity is homophobic -
    • I touched on this one as a subtopic in number one, but there is no doubt that it is worthy of having it's own essay.
    • Most people in today's world are pro gay marriage and equal rights so this is a good choice if you want to write an argumentative essay without risking alienating those who read it. You will be simply reaffirming their beliefs (probably).
  4. 4. Is atheism a religion? -
    • This has been discussed hundreds of times with the Christian right labeling atheism a religion and atheists all the while doing the best they can to prove it's not a religion.
    • Atheism doesn't qualify for tax breaks and atheists don't get holidays off, so it might be a little difficult for you to make the argument that it is a religion.
  5. 5. Religion has no place in the modern world -
    • If you are looking for a topic, which can fill, pages upon pages and books upon books, this is the topic for you.
    • This has been discussed on television, on the internet, even in churches; and everyone seems to have a different answer. You're probably not going to be able to answer this in your essay, but you can try!

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