Nazi Propaganda and Josef Goebbels

Nazi propaganda was one of the most powerful instruments to strength the political regime of Hitler among the German population and, in project, population of other countries. It was necessary to keep the people of Germany confident in the might of the Third Reich and not to let them doubt that the path Hitler has chosen is the correct one. The propaganda was based on the ideas of superiority of German nation over the others and, as a result, disrespect of other nations, for example anti-Semitism.

Josef Goebbels became the head of Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda after Nazis started to rein in Germany. His most important task was to make sure the nation read and saw only the materials that prized the Nazis and nothing that would ruin the necessary positive image. He controlled all publications in country, including books, newspapers and brochures, radio broadcasting and so on. Massive network was created to ensure people of Germany received only the politically correct content.

Goebbels’s task, along with Gestapo and SS was to eliminate the individuals that prepared dangerous for the society texts and hunt them down. All the writers, editors and publishers had to be registered by the Ministry to receive an allowance to work. The ones, who were not in the official lists and yet, their works appeared published, were severely punished: tortured, even killed along with the whole family. Such cases were, of course, hidden from the publicity, which has to idealize the people, who ruled the country.

Nazi propaganda also included proper education to children, starting from the very young age. This was the key to raising the generation which will not have any image of previous times and will fully support the modern regime. Teachers were educated in proper way to bring only the useful information to the children. All subjects were dedicated to make children sure that there nation is superior and Nazis are the most powerful in history. Organizations were created to involve the German youth in the process since the earliest age.

Nazi expected the Third Reich to stand thousands of years and take over the whole world. Instead of this, it was defeated in 1945 after 12 years of ruling. Josef Goebbels could allow his children, wife and himself to live in Germany that is not under a rule of Nazis, after murdering their children, the pair committed suicide.

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