Business Studies and Comparative History

Business major as a discipline emerged in different countries at different times in history following the underlying factors like politics and economy. This section, to enhance a better understanding of the business field carries out a comprehensive comparison between business developments in several countries. The business models initially applied were mainly local and did not employ the comparative techniques to put the business models in an international level. However, in the mid 20th century the global companies had developed linkage, which called for standardization of operation to enhance easy regional and international coordination of business operations.

In France, most of the businesses that operated before industrialization were family owned and they were inherited from one generation to another. This made the business study less formal as all individuals got the necessary skills to run businesses form family experience and hand-on learning. The development of the business in the country is dated past 19th century but there are no official record of its development until 19th century when there was businesses publication titled Enterprises et Histoire and Revue d'Histoire de la Siderurgie. This two article provided information about the different models that were employed by the then established companies and the results. Following the publication, investors became more professional and the early family owned managers who were selected now ran businesses on Meritocracy basis, which required an individual to have certificates of competence. This created the base for introduction of business as a discipline and later the introduction of business major after the specialization.

In Latin America, business studies was evident in the early 19th century but was not officiated until the 219th century. However, the business major discipline was not introduced until mid 20th century. Unlike other countries where business major discipline has been used for ages, the Latin America was characterized by low levels of investors and therefore fewer needs to study business. The early economist in the country received invitation in more developed countries so that their expertise could be employed in creation of intellectual property, this imbalance between Latin America and other countries made the country to be less developed- other factors like unstable economy also contributed to the slower pace of business studies development. The business major discipline was consequently not introduced in the country curriculum until later in the development of global business studies.

In Britain, business major discipline emerged in the mid 20th century after the publication of several publications that created a review of the most influential companies in the country. These publications included the history Unilever authored by Charles Wilson. In this publication, he investigated the several recruitment models that were employed by the leading companies (99). The model depicted a need for workers and investors with knowledge in several areas of specialization. The enlightenment dictated the need for individuals to study specific concepts of business, which are now the minor disciplines of business. This division led to the creation of business major which combines the different concepts covered in minor disciplines although not in the same depth.

Demonstration; Business major and other disciplines

Business major discipline attracts high interdependence from other disciplines like law, Business management, child studies, history etc. In the modern society business and entrepreneurs, ship is the largest field where professionals from other field merge and pull their resources together to pursue common goals. Business has a close relationship with the law as a discipline as most of the business concepts are applied in making of all business related laws, which include the terms and conditions. Similarly, business major directly related with the human resource management studies as the; in the relation, business relies on the HRM to enhance effectiveness of the available human resources. Furthermore, Business major discipline is also related top other disciplines where they interlink and form an interdependent relationship.

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