How to Write a Good Essay in No Time

Life is difficult and sometimes, even the most diligent students may get stuck in a situation where the deadline is right around the corner but their essay is nowhere near complete. In case you happen to be one of those students, do not panic. The following tips will teach you how to write a good essay very quickly:

  • Make notecards for paragraphs.
  • This will reduce the time you will need to spend on research and transforming your notes into actual writing. Each card you make needs to be labeled and color coded to make it easier to sort them into the correct order for the essay.

    The notes should be made in the form of short topical phrases.

  • Develop sentences from your notes.
  • In essence, the notes you prepare during the initial stage of the writing process are your outline. You need to expand the topical phrases, turning them into complete sentences. This way, you will have the first draft on your hands in no time.

  • Double space while typing the initial draft.
  • This is not a crucially important step. However, this approach will make it much easier to make corrections at the editing stage.

  • Make the story flow.
  • The biggest problem that occurs with this type of speed-writing is the lack of smooth connections between sentences and paragraphs. Therefore, your first editing session should be focused on fixing this. Usually, you will need to add a few transitional sentences to make the narration flow smoothly. Make sure that they fit in with the overall style and tone of the paper.

  • Edit, edit, and then edit some more.
  • You will need to spend more time on editing than on the actual writing. As you don’t have the days needed to conduct the proper research and gather ironclad evidence, you should focus on perfecting the form of your essay. If the material you managed to gather during your short research session is sufficient, you will be able to improve the overall grade by making sure that the formatting and style of the paper are impeccable.

When writing, you should always remind yourself that the essay must be aimed towards people who don’t actually know the subject. This means that you will need to use fewer professional terms.

A simplified writing style will make it easier for you to work on the paper. Do not forget that every term you do include must be defined. It will be prudent to add a few of them to make the essay look more professional.

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