Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa


AIDS and other diseases are currently running rampant in Sub-Saharan Africa, leaning to a lot of social problems, decreased society health, and political unrest. There are many deaths every year, especially from AIDS. Thus far, the World Health organizations and other organizations have failed to make a large enough impact, though progress is being made slowly. A lot of it has to do with sexual practices in the region, such as a higher occurrence of polyandrous relationships, as well as the statically low condom use rate. Sometimes the availability of condoms is an obstacle for their use, but church influence in the region causes there to be many religious beliefs that are anti birth control in nature.

Condom Use

Condom use could solve many of the problems here, actually. The use of condoms slows the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including AIDS, though of course no birth control is 100 percent effective. This will not solve everything- children are born all the time with the HIV virus, but it would slow the rate of infection down, which would help society. Condoms are not always available, which is why we need more funding for worldwide aid in sexual health, but in many cases it is not the fact that condoms are scare that leads to the problem. There is a lot of pressure from religions organizations and religion to avoid the use of condoms.

The Role of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is actually is some way responsible for the current problem with sexual diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many sects of Christianity prohibit the use of birth control, and this includes condoms. This is due to the idea that men should not waste seed and the idea that sex is solely for the use of procreation. Regardless of the validity of this belief. In addition, many American Christian sects volunteer in Africa for aid, which is great, but there are side effects. Christians are required to evangelicalism during this aid, which spreads anti-condom beliefs.


AIDS causes many troubles for Africa. There are obviously the problems that come with people who are dying all the time, but that is not all. There are social problems- such as the belief that raping a virgin cures AIDS. There is also the economic and emotional burden placed on society due to the high causes of treatment for many of these diseases.

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