Don't Hesitate To Use Someone Else's Essay Sample

When you are learning how to write an essay, the most useful resource you can use is someone else’s essay. No, you should not use the essay as your own to turn it, but you should use it as a template to help you with the structure of the essay. Students often have interesting ideas to share in their essays, but they get so bogged down with the format of the paper that their ideas get lost in the structure. When you use an essay sample, you no longer have to worry about formatting the paper so you can focus on the ideas.

  • Look for Samples at Writing Lab Websites
  • There are several places to look for essay samples. Many online writing labs have examples that are used to demonstrated concepts. You can find pieces of essays, like introductions and conclusions. You will also be able to find entire essays that have the parts clearly labeled. These can be helpful because you can move through the essay sentence by sentence and word by word to replace your own ideas and statements to make the essay your very own.

  • Never Plagiarize a Sample Essay
  • When you use someone else’s essay sample, you never want to turn the sample in as your own assignment. Today’s instructors are tech savvy and they know how to find essays that are available online. Instructors use apps that can quickly identify a plagiarized essay. Most instructors feel very strongly about plagiarism and they will quickly turn in a student to administration after the student has committed this crime. Once you are accused of plagiarism, it is difficult to regain a positive academic reputation.

  • Different Ways to Use the Sample Essay
  • Many students will use essays written by other students as model for their own essays. Students are often confused about how many sentences to include in an essay, but when you use a sample, you can see how many sentences that student used. Students can also learn about sentence variety by looking at the way that the sample essay flows with varied sentence beginnings. Students can also look at the way that sample essay used sources and how the sources are cited in the paper and on the works cited list. All of this can be done without copying one word from the sample essay. You can also use the sample to help with judging paragraph size and with keeping the paragraphs concise and focused.

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