Useful Advice on How to Conclude a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The conclusion paragraph of a rhetorical analysis essay is the perfect opportunity to sum up all of your key discussion points and make a lasting impression on the reader. You should always do more than just summarize, however, and synthesize the content so that you show the significance of the techniques and patterns you found in the work you have critically analyzed. Here is some useful advice on how to end this kind of writing assignment effectively:

Summarize Your Analysis

There are two steps to writing an effective summary of your analysis: summarizing what the work you have analyzed accomplishes and how it goes about accomplishing its intent. This may seem a little confusing at first but the content should also have made up the main points of your paper. It might help to look through and highlight each topic sentence and pieces of supporting evidence from the body paragraphs. Reword these statements in order to create fresh content for your conclusion.

Don’t assume the reader will automatically understand how this material works together to validate your point. You should synthesize the information and explain how the items are connected. If you need to you might ask someone to read just this paragraph to see if you have expressed your thoughts in as a clear a way as possible. Don’t forget to set the work aside for a few hours so that you can come back and revise the paper with a fresh set of eyes.

Explain the Significance

The next step is to explain the significance of the work’s purpose and methods employed. For instance, if you wrote about how you in the position of a reader have changed or developed as a result of a specific method or technique used, state this in the conclusion. Explain how that technique was appropriately or inappropriately used to meet the writer’s intention. You may find it helpful to put the writer’s argument into a larger context that your own reader will recognize in his understanding of your analysis.

Lastly, you should consider using a writing device such as using a direct quote, presenting a call to action, or providing a question as your final sentence in the concluding paragraph. This is a great way to have your paper sit in the mind of your reader well after he or she has finishing looking at your paper. This will often make for a more enjoyable read that merits a high grade.

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