Academic Writing Tips: What Are The 5 Parts Of A Five-Paragraph Essay?

Well if you want to write an essay, there are multiple types you can write. Some of them are easier to write than anything, they could be done by a 10 year old in a heart beat, and some are much more difficult, they take time and patience and sometimes a lot of writing skills. A five paragraph essay is a pretty easy one as long as you keep a few things in mind and you don’t rush, having the necessary patience is a must if you want to do your job right.

  • First paragraph. This one is the introductory paragraph, where you explain your topic, a kind of a outline for your work, from a very objective point of view. It should presented pretty vague, you want to give the reader an idea of what you are writing about, without giving them too many details. The details, the examples and everything else will be implemented in the future, right now just present your main idea so the reader’s know what they are about to read.

  • Second paragraph. This one should give the most important idea, the most significant argument or example that supports your topic. You can present it through some clever illustrations if you want, or you can simply give details about a very important aspect of your work. Either way, give the most important in this one.

  • The third paragraph. This is the one that follows up your second paragraph, so the idea should obviously follow up as well. Give another strong example, or maybe give another illustration that ties up to the first. It’s like a story, they have to connect and to make the readers understand everything in the end.

  • The fourth paragraph. It should contain something like the weakest point, or an argument that could be introduced and it will affect the outcome, but not on a very big level.

  • The conclusion. This is where you re state your thesis and what you have found out so far and then you reach a conclusion, you present what you have discovered and what you are thinking right now when you have all the facts.

  • Every paragraph. At the end of every paragraph, the last sentence should give a smooth transition to the next. It’s like a hook that grabs on the next idea so everything ties together smoothly.

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