College Essay Topics On Business: 15 Ideas No One's Ever Explored Before

It is often said that the very best legacy that one can give to a child is education. This explains why across the globe, millions of college students are battling it out with essay topics on business or the other. This piece will take a look at 15 of these topics that no one has ever explored before:

  1. Doing Business in Antarctica: This is the sparsest place on the planet and the idea of doing any commercial activity there is totally repulsive to many. It is surely worth trying.
  2. The Future of Commercial Activities in Colleges: Today, our students are focused on nothing but learning and more learning. But, what of learning and making some money on the side as well? That is an area that is totally worthy of checking out also.
  3. Students as Billionaires: Not many students know how to make money on their own and even far fewer are those that can be categorized as billionaires. If our kids can become billionaires at very young ages, we should give it a good shot.
  4. Saving Your Way Up To The University: One of the secrets of wealth is saving your way to prosperity. However, for many, this is one art that has proven just too difficult to either learn or implement.
  5. Paying Student Loans: In various countries of the globe, students in their millions are neck-deep in debt. A piece that addresses this perennial problem for students at a very early age is hard to come by.
  6. Oil Industry and the Future of Education: With a slump in global oil prices, are our kids aware of the connection this has with their education degrees? This should be fully explored in the most pragmatic ways possible.
  7. Government Policies and Education: All over the world, governments make policies that can either improve the educational sector or worsen it. What is happening in your own country?
  8. Parental Influence on Learning
  9. The Most Effective Ways To Learn
  10. Religion and Learning
  11. Science Education and the Future
  12. Robotics and its Applications In Schools
  13. Global Economic Implications of Learning
  14. Global Warming and Learning
  15. Terrorism and Public Education

These are just a few of some of the topics in this area that are often ignored or not given the sufficient attention that they really need. They are really worth giving a second look for the benefit of all.

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