How to Write an Essay Without Mistakes

It is hardly possible to write completely without mistakes, but you can identify and fix them before you submit your paper. Certain types of errors can be avoided if you plan your work carefully, while others like incorrect spelling mostly occur by accident. To eliminate them all from your writing, you need to thoroughly check and double-check your work.

Here are several steps to achieve perfect accuracy in your essay:

  • Pay utmost attention to the credibility of your sources. Never use any information that seems doubtful. Ideally, you should only refer to facts that are mentioned in two or more reliable sources.

  • Make sure that you gather enough information and that your interpretations are correct. Doing so in conjunction with the first point will help you avoid factual mistakes.

  • After you complete your essay, check it for proper structure. An academic essay must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The purpose of the paper should be stated in the first paragraph, while the last one is to sum up everything written above. Each paragraph should clearly explain a separate idea; transitions between paragraphs are needed.

  • Do not rely too much on automatic grammar and spell check. You may use it, but you still need to check each line manually for the correct use of words and tenses.

  • Read your text aloud. This is an efficient way to identify awkward sounds, missing transition sentences, logical errors, and irrelevant thoughts. Delete every phrase that takes your paper away from its primary focus. See whether you can replace any words with stronger and more exact ones.

  • Look for a proper balance of long and short sentences; do not overuse either.

  • Keep a list of mistakes that you make again and again. These are your personal problem areas, so triple-check every new piece of your writing for them.

  • Take pauses between your proofing. After the first draft of your essay is ready, put it away for a while. This method will enable you to see your text with fresher eyes and catch the mistakes you could have overlooked before.

  • Have another person read your essay. This is a good way to identify the errors you have missed. You can ask your friend or teacher to look at the paper before you submit it. A fresh set of eyes might notice the things that have escaped your tired mind.

Proofreading your essay is a hard and rather tedious task, but it is necessary if you want to receive high grades and produce a piece of writing you can be proud of.

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