How to write a strong persuasive essay to get an A+

Persuasive essays are much the same as regular academic papers in that your purpose is to persuade the reader that your point in an argument is the right one. Your job is to present two sides to an issue and explain using supporting evidence why your side is the better of the two sides. By the end of your paper your reader should fully support your side.

So what steps to you take to get an A+ persuasive essay?

  • Step 1: review the instructions carefully. The teacher worked hard to outline the project and has provided you with assignment details or instructions. It is important that you review them and take note of things such as:

    • - Whether or not a topic was assigned to you
    • - Whether you are asked to take a particular side in a debate
    • - How many sources you need
    • - What types of sources you need
    • - How many words you need
    • - How many arguments you need to present
    • - What format you need to use

    The worst thing that could happen is you get marked down from an A+ because you failed to read that you had to argue something in the affirmative and you choose the opposite.

  • Step 2: brainstorm. If you are assigned a topic and/or a side in that topic you don’t have to worry about brainstorming an idea. But whether you were given a topic or you have to come up with one on your own your next step is to brainstorm about the topic. Ask yourself what questions someone would have related to your topic. What background information do they require? What arguments will you have to present?

  • Step 3: research. You now have to become an expert on your topic. That means you cover both sides of the argument. It is important that you not only research your side but you research the other side too. An effective paper will persuade the reader by pointing out logical flaws in the opposition or presenting new evidence to support your side of the argument.

  • Step 4: write the paper. Now you should make sure you follow the guidelines laid out by your teacher and begin writing the paper. You might want to create an outline before you write to guide you or you can just start fresh with a rough draft. Make any necessary edits and then finish the final piece.

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