Useful Vocabulary For Composing A Text Response Essay

As a student, each time the issue of writing an essay comes up, it is expected for you to prove to your teachers that you can do the following:

  • Carefully analyze and understand with the topic is all about
  • Give correct and meaningful answers to the questions on which such paper is based on
  • Give detailed accounts of the plot of a given play, film, novel, or poetry

Apart from the above, you should also be able to, through the text of a particular play or novel, come to appropriate conclusions. In all these, the type of vocabulary you use is very important as it adds to your scores.

On this page you will learn about some of the useful vocabulary that should go into writing your text response essay. They are as follows:

  • In Order To: This particular vocabulary is used when you are introducing the explanations supporting your argument. For example, “In order to carry out the experiment, I had to do a number of tests.”
  • That Is To Say: This vocabulary is used when you are trying to add more details to an already given explanation. It gives more precision to your previous explanation. For example, “Exercise is very important. That is to say, you must engage in regular exercises so as to keep fit.”
  • In Other Words: When you wish to give an explanation from a different angle, lay more emphasis or further expand on an issue, this vocabulary comes into good use. For example, “Lions are carnivorous. In other words, they feed only on flesh.”
  • To That End: This vocabulary links an action to a purpose. For example, “ The author has always wanted to write a bestseller. To that end, he put in a lot of energy, time, and resources into his last work.”
  • What’s More: This vocabulary comes in handy when you want to inject further information into your essay. This information could be to support your view or build an existing argument. For example, “What’s more, this product has won multiple awards in the last couple of months.”
  • Similarly: Another vocabulary which stands for the same thing as “likewise”. For example, “The Queen wept on hearing the sad news. Similarly, the King was heart-broken.”

These are just a few of the vocabulary that can be used to boost the quality of your text response essay. Go ahead and try them out.

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